IPRT Company Assistance

Due to the reorganization of IPRT, IPRT Company Assistance is now a part of CIRAS.

IPRT Company Assistance helps Iowa companies solve technical problems, create new products, and increase productivity and quality. IPRT’s efforts also lead to the development of new, high-tech companies.

IPRT Company Assistance provides world-class expertise and equipment that helps Iowa manufacturers and entrepreneurs address specific R&D needs. IPRT Company Assistance makes referrals to statewide technical experts and serves as a third-party information source.

IPRT Company Assistance has been collaborating with Iowa companies - from one-person startups to Fortune 500 corporations - since its founding in 1987.

Technical Assistance

IPRT Company Assistance provides Iowa manufacturers access to world-class, materials-related research in the Ames Laboratory and Center for Nondestructive Evaluation. No-cost, short-term technical assistance can range from a phone consultation to involved studies. Projects are generally limited in scope to assistance of 40 hours or less.

IPRT’s technical assistance services are provided by two groups:

  • Materials

    Materials and process metallurgists answer questions, address problems and provide services

  • Nondestructive Evaluation

    Manufacturers can obtain assistance with issues related to the inspection and measurement of materials and components through the world-renowned Center for Nondestructive Evaluation.

Research Cost-Sharing

Through the IPRT Company Assistance's Research Cost-Sharing Program, Iowa companies can collaborate with ISU researchers to leverage R&D for projects in technical problem solving, product development and process improvement.

These funds are provided annually by a special appropriations for the Iowa Industrial Incentive Program (IIP).