IPRT Research Centers

The Institute for Physical Research and Technology, also known as IPRT, is a network of scientific research centers at Iowa State University. IPRT encourages scientists to form multidisciplinary teams to find innovative, comprehensive solutions for some of today’s most complex scientific challenges facing our state and nation. IPRT’s areas of expertise covers the general areas of energy/sustainability, nanotechnology, infrastructure, information technology and technology applications.


Center for Building Energy Research

Focuses on efficient and renewable energy issues related to buildings, developing technologies to reduce energy consumption while maintaining performance and productivity.

Ulrike Passe, Director

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Center for Catalysis

Dedicated to the development of useful, practical catalysts and sustainable green chemistry methods. Scientists investigate the application of these technologies to agricultural, industrial and environmental science.

Aaron Sadow, Interim Director

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Center for Nondestructive Evaluation

Develops noninvasive methods and instruments for assessing the integrity of structures and materials.

Dr. Leonard Bond, CNDE Director

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Center for Sustainable Environmental Technologies

Seeks to promote, develop, and demonstrate thermochemical technologies for the production of fuels, chemicals, and power from biomass and fossil fuels.

Robert Brown, Director

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Information Assurance Center

Dedicated to administering graduate degrees, undergraduate student groups and events, and research facilities in information assurance.

Doug Jacobson, Director

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Materials Preparation Center

Prepares high-purity metals, alloys and compounds in single and polycrystalline forms for research and engineering uses.

Lawrence Jones, Director

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Microelectronics Research Center

Develops advanced materials, devices and process technologies in the fields of semiconductors, photonics and solar energy conversion and provides educational laboratories in these technologies for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Vikram Dalal, Director

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Midwest Forensics Resource Center

Partners with local, state and federal agencies to address regional forensics needs for training, research, casework, and education.

David Baldwin, Director

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Virtual Reality Applications Center

VRAC focuses on the rapidly expanding interface between humans and computers. The center engages faculty from across the campus for cutting-edge research using the latest visualization, mobile, and computational technologies.

James Oliver, Director

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