Midwest Forensics Resource Center (MFRC)


The Midwest Forensics Resource Center (MFRC) is a partnership of state crime laboratories from fourteen states, the Ames Laboratory, and the Institute for Physical Research and Technology that grew out of several IPRT and Ames Laboratory forensic science research and development projects. As regional and state crime laboratories and other federal agencies learned of the forensic science work at ISU, it was concluded that the ever-growing educational and research demands of forensic science should be led and directed by an ISU-based center.

Meeting Regional Forensic Science Needs

By regionalizing, the MFRC partnership can better define their needs in forensic science and share resources, and thus better address critical, overlapping areas. University scientists, researchers, and faculty see this center as an opportunity to develop new methods based on cutting-edge science that will contribute to the evolution of forensic science.

Customized Training, Forensic Science, and IT

The objectives of MFRC are to develop a portfolio of customized training for regional partners, conduct short-term, case-related forensic projects, promote the development of forensic science curricula for ISU and associated universities, conduct research into new and improved forensic techniques, and investigate the use of innovative management and information technologies in forensic and law-enforcement enterprises.

In September 2008, the MFRC and its public crime laboratory partners were jointly recognized by the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer as the Outstanding Partnership in the Mid-Continental Region.